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November 23, 2008

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November 23. Day 145.

I was sitting in a cafe, and I became curious as to whether the young scholar performing a series of studious acts upon a legal tome was, indeed, attending the law school I suspected he was.

So I asked the young man what school he goes to.

He replied.

He asked me if I am interested in going to law school.

I replied.

Gained: Material!!!!

Now, for the dedicated reader who returns day after day to learn about my adventures, this will have been, no doubt, completely unsatisfactory. I promise -- to my readers and to myself -- to sway the pendulum toward more worthwhile and interesting ventures this week.

Yet my apologies go especially to the hapless visitors who stumbled upon this blog by searching for "law school" or "law school application" (now that I've added the word "application" twice to this page). Also, now, to people looking for "Obama cabinet" "cheesecake recipe" "Paris weather" "how to make out" and "Dancing with the stars."

If you happened to land here by searching for "negotiation" "women careers" "grad school" "women don't ask" or "daily asker" -- you've come to the right place, but the wrong day. Please check back tomorrow!

La Roxy

ps: speaking of studying, this flowchart is kind of scary, if true. click on it for a better view.
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