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November 16, 2008

Do two half requests...

November 16. Day 139.

...a whole one make?

I'm a day behind, so I'll keep this short...

I asked for a few small things, but nothing bold or blog worthy.

Picked up Mr. A from the airport. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I asked him to take some time for himself, to sleep, maybe get a day off work, anything to make up for the 18 hour days he was pulling for the month before and during the conference. But I felt like a (no offense!!) wife, a mom, a nag. I think that's something I need to figure out, as well: How to ask someone to do something for him/herself. Find a job. See a doctor. And yet, I don't think it's really my really place to do that. When can/should I intervene?

Then, that night, we had dinner with his cousins, and I asked their three-year-old daughter for a kiss on the cheek. She's bashful, but turns into a bundle of cuddles once she's comfortable with you.

(I did think about asking for a discount while I was at a mug shop for tourists, but I only remembered after she rang up my purchase. D'oh!)

Gained: a promise to at least consider prioritizing sleep/health/well being, and a cutie's kiss
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