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November 05, 2008

Can you deal with this?

November 5. Day 128.

I got a note today from FedEx asking me to drive to their depot to pick up a package I'd ordered. Only. My car isn't working and I'm using Mr. A's today. I reeeeally have to work on my dissertation. And the people who sent the package messed up, since I didn't ask for delivery confirmation. Why should I spend an hour fixing their mess?

I did initially consider making the treck rather than pushing it back into their court. But come on... I'm not The Daily Asker for nothing. Here was my email:
Hi Cheryl,

I received a notice today from FedEx saying they tried to drop off a diploma at
my house. I am not there, and my car is currently in the shop. That means I
won't be able to pick it up!

I spoke to someone at their office, a customer service representative named Pat
Xxxxxx, who told me that if you call and remove the signature requirement,
they can deliver it again and leave it at my door.

Phone: 18004633339
The "door tag" I was given: xxxxxxxxxx
Delivery address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Otherwise, I'm afraid there is no way for me to receive this diploma, and I'd
hate for it to get sent back to you, or lost!!

Thank you very much for your help,


La Roxy
I really hope this works. She needs to know I can't resolve this problem. Shouldn't be my headache. Period.

Gained: An hour for my dissertation. One valuable hour.


I dropped off two huge bags of clothes at Hillcrest Cleaners. Spotted a sign that they impose a 25 cent per item surcharge if you don't prepay. I asked them to waive it since I'm a first-timer.

Gained II. $4.50.
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