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November 12, 2008

Fix a retail mistake?

November 12. Day 135.

After dinner, my Mama returned the phone call of a window replacement company; ours are leaking -- yes, it does rain in San Diego. While describing her situation, she was very sweet. The conversation advanced, and it seemed she was signing up for one style and making an appointment for them to inspect the property.

"Prices?? Negotiate!!!" I whispered.

She nodded. "So what kind of price range are we talking about?"

Long silence.

"A general range is fine. I won't hold you to it, but I want an idea."

Long silence.

"Let me be straight with you. Whatever price you give me, I will bargain it down. And I will do the same with any other vendor I talk to. That's just how I am. It's not a commitment, but before I waste your time, and mine, I need to know what kind of prices we're talking about. So the best thing you can do to increase your changes of getting my business is telling me, now, how much it could cost, and making that figure competitive. We've already been over how many windows, their measurements, the type of package I'm looking for."

He is calling her back with prices. Sigh. That's more like it.

Earlier, I went to Marshall's to return some clothes I'd bought for Mr. A, for this conference. I selected more than he needed, because it was fun, and because I wanted to give him enough options to choose from. After waiting in a long line, I dumped everything on the counter and the cashier went through the pile, scanning things. It took forever, because they had to check something in the men's department, but meanwhile we chatted and she was friendly.

She rang me up, and I walked away. Then, I stopped to check the receipt. Was the math right? Seemed a little off... Wasn't sure.

I went back (to the front of the line this time) and asked her to go over the transaction, item by item. I don't think she was thrilled. Wanted me to tell her what item was wrong or missing.

"I don't know, but it seems I should have gotten more money back. Can we go through each thing and cross it off the receipt?"

She had skipped a pair of pants.

Gained: Money that was owed to me. (I would have done this before July, granted. But my only other asking today was even more lame. Boooring. Won't waste your time, or mine!)
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