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September 08, 2008

Telecommute for a day?

September 7. Day 69.

My car has been acting up, dangerously. Yesterday, as I was driving home, it started losing power and the RPM dropped precipitously, and I had to rev the engine. On the highway! I clutched the emergency brake the whole rest of the way. The problem is sporadic, and I don't know if it's a huge hazard or not. (I took it in to a mechanic, but the car happened to be fine that day).

So my asking was very basic. Just to be on the safe side, you know?

I have a business meeting tomorrow (for my work as a consultant of sorts), and I emailed them last minute to ask if we can do it on the phone instead. Telecommute, for a day. This isn't atypical in my industry, but it's far from ideal. Still, safety first.

This afternoon I learned a fantastic trick from my mother, something I'd be happy to share with you, gentle reader.

Next time you're standing under a morning glory vine, in late summer, when most of the flowers have wilted, ideally wearing a sundress or chinos at a garden party where there's raspberry lemonade (because, wouldn't that be nice?), snap off one of the wilted trumpets (which should look like this, petals curled inward, not a blossom) and suck at the base. A sweet nectar should trickle out. Then, when you're done, clasp the other end with your fingers rightly, and with the base still in your mouth, blow hard. It should pop. Loudly!

How this relates to asking, gender, negotiation, and glass ceilings, I'll leave to the many, many people actively involved in posting comments to hash it out. Or not. =)

Gained: No answer yet. I hope they're reasonable!
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