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September 03, 2008

Cancel my insurance policy, Amica?

September 3. Day 65.

For more than a month, I've been paying two insurances for my little white gas guzzler, one in Boston and one in California. I tried to cancel the plates in Boston, so I could cancel my old policy, but the RMV has been outrageously incompetent.

Today, I thought I'd take a different approach. I called my Boston insurer, Amica, and asked if they could cancel my policy if I showed proof of insurance in California. Then, I would sort out the bureaucratic part, but at least stop paying for two policies. By this point, after all, I am in California, the car is in California, and for more than a month it's been insured here, with AAA.

The agent was really nice, but she explained that the only way they can cancel is if the RMV confirms it has cancelled my registration. However, this agent explained that if I email proof I'm insured in California, then once the RMV responds, Amica will refund my payments starting from the date I signed up with the new insurer.

But. That will not happen before my car reaches 250,000 miles, because the RMV

a) is overloaded and understaffed
b) hires people who invert 1 and 7 (not necessarily a problem in itself) but then DENY it
c) hires such people because there is one criterion for employment: massholeness, i.e. utter indifference to the plight of those it's meant to serve.


In conclusion, I lost about ten minutes and gained a few points in my blood pressure, not because of Amica, which has been a great company over the years, but the RMV. I just want to escape from Massachusetts, once and for all! Let me go!! Please!!!





In a week, I'm talking off for Portland, Maine, for a wedding. Then, Boston for a few days to do library work and see friends; New York for a few days, to see more friends and the city I will never stop wishing I could call home; and then back to Boston for a meeting with my advisor. And, perhaps, picket the RMV.

It will be interesting to keep up this endeavor while I'm traveling. In NY, it may be easy to ask, but I wonder how many people will say yes. I was tempted to book a flight on US Airways, just to demand water. I wonder when Amnesty International will get involved to stop these abuses on airplanes?
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