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September 18, 2008

Free bacon?

September 17. Day 79.

For dinner I stopped at Z-Square, a restaurant that has seemed new ever since it opened about four years ago.

I ordered a turkey and avocado sandwich.

I asked the cashier to put bacon on the sandwich, instead of the included side salad. (I don't judge you, so please don't judge me. Oh wait, you're not broadcasting your decisions on a blog. Ok, judge away!)

He gave me both, and didn't charge for either.

Gained: $2.50 (cost on the menu of adding bacon to something)

Now, onto something much more interesting.

I found out that Dr. B, a friend from college and grad school who's me hosting this week, negotiated her starting salary by 20 percent.

Outside her teaching and research job in academia, she has been hired as a research contractor. The department offered $25 per hour, and she boosted it to $30.


She did research about what others get paid. She also figured how much she'd be working every week and what the position was worth to her. And, she said, it seemed appropriate to ask for more than they offered. The worst thing was they'd refuse and she'd have the original job offer.

Go B!!!!
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