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September 29, 2008

Bean free, please?

September 27. Day 89.

The scene: guys in half-buttoned shirts, girls in mini skirts, and everyone in wigs. It was the fifth annual pub crawl -- my first ever pub crawl of any kind -- and I went for a jet black number with bangs, and heavy sixties eyeliner.

"Is this a pimps and hoes party?" one woman asked me as we walked past her table for two.

"I guess you could say that," I replied. "It's a charity pub crawl. But the 'charity' part is just there to make us feel better about putting on wigs and getting wasted."

Four watered-down cocktails later, I was hungry. I ordered some skewers, but they were out of my top choice.

"Can I have the prime rib, for the same price?" It was a tiny price difference, but this time I was requesting on principle.

"Fine," the waiter replied.

Mr. A, who went for the powdered marquis look, asked if that was my asking.

"No way. That kind of request is second nature by now. Boring. I need to find something else."

An hour later, still famished, we wandered to a place called Valentine's Taco Shop. Five minutes later, my nachos materialized, only something was off. I mean on. They had beans smeared all over them!!!

Now, I hadn't requested"no beans," which made me feel rather guilty about asking for a replacement. But you know what I did.

"Hi, please don't hate me if I ask you this, but can you please make these with no beans? I didn't realize they came with beans, and I really can't stand them."


And when I checked the menu before sitting down again, beans were not listed as ingredients. Glad I asked for a remake.

Gained: Bean-free nachos.
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