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September 12, 2008

Hotel room upgrade?

September 11. Day 73.

After yesterday's victory, I'm totally digging this upgrade idea. I decided to try my luck while checking in at the Claremont Hotel, an intimate old waterfront inn that seems unchanged from the belle epoque postcards in the lobby.

"I was wondering, if by chance you still have any rooms available, would it be possible to get to something nicer?"

"Let me see what we have available."

Promising. He started looking through the book.

"We have -- there would be a difference in price, you realize."

"Oh. But I was wondering, well, I know that hotels might give guests a room with a nicer view, as a courtesy, for example, if there's a room available at check-in."

He was not amused. Who was this chirping chick who wanted something for nothing?

"Not this hotel."

No prob, mate. (Later, in the room, I found a tiny crawling bug and an annoying flying thing, and I was tempted use that ammo to push for a change-- just to give them a taste of what it's like to deal with someone that uptight. But it wasn't worth the effort, time or lost karma points.)

Gained: Nut'n.
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