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September 12, 2008

A trio of askings

September 12. Day 74.

This day will live on in history as the day askings abounded.

Situation: bridesmaid gets hair done at salon, after a quick blow-out, discovers it's really not what she was hoping for.
The crisis: There are several other people waiting to get their hair done, and the hairdresser seems a bit gruff. Bridesmaid doesn't want to impose. But is it too much to ask?
The asking: When you have a minute, would you mind putting my hair up or adjusting it somehow, so the flower isn't sticking out so much?
Gained: Very cute hair and stablized flower.

Situation: Long line of cars being held up by a construction crew. No motion for about ten minutes.
The crisis: Wedding starting in an hour. Bride in car, in said long line.
The asking: The bride, with hair and make-up done but otherwise still in jeans, runs to the front, tells the guy she's late to the church, and he clears the road for us.
Gained: Made it to the chapel!

Situation: "Just married" sign for the getaway vehicle hasn't been made.
The crisis: Bridesmaid (me) who volunteered to make it has been busy with other things and never got the chance.
The asking: She asks another bridesmaid, "Would you mind making the sign?"
Gained: One silver toned "Just Married" sign.

(That last one was a basic delegtion, nothing spectacular, but we can't get Mustang upgrades every day. Yet it wasn't second nature to delegate; I had to force myself to ask. So maybe it makes it worthy after all.)
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