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January 04, 2010

Wanderlust: 20-something blogs I find worthwhile

Here are three things you should know now.

1) You can receive The Daily Asker in your inbox whenever I post an update. Just enter your email address in the box on the right, under Free Delivery, and presto! (In case it wasn't clear what why that box is there.)

2) I'm throwing in a few ads here and there. If you ever find yourself in the mood to help me cover server costs, you know what to do. (I'm not actually asking, since that would be against the service terms. Just letting you know there will be some non-La Roxy written content in clearly marked boxes which, if interacted with, will result in a reduction of maintenance expenses for yours truly.)

3) New links!! I've compiled a list of almost 30 blogs and websites I enjoy visiting. Perhaps you'll find something here you love, too! I'm including a brief overview below, and links are permanent addition to the right column under "Wanderlust."

Brazen Careerist: A lot of practical advice that routinely makes me realize how much I have to learn -- and how I could go about learning it.

Chocolate in Context: You like chocolate? You like context? Then this blog is for you.

The HR Capitalist: Cutthroat times require cutthroat measures. A recent post begins: "Have you ever noticed how bad a lot of Americans are at negotiating?" Read on...

Daily Puppy: 24/7 adorability

Endless Knots: Smart blog on a mix of topics by a smart -- what else? -- blogger!

Everyday Trash: Takes recycling to a whole new level. Check out these paper shoes and phone-booth-come-library

Evil HR Lady: Funny and savvy advice about life, work, and the working life.

Feministe: You probably already knew about this site, and the next one, but just in case.

Feministing: See above.

: purdy. real purdy. (source for the image i opened with -- and for more images on this blog in the future, come to think of it.)

Flowing Data: Links to and discusses data that have been represented in various visually compelling manners (charts, graphs, pictograms and more). Read, learn, question, be inspired.

Galima: Rarely updated, but useful when it happens. Negotiation insights from a UC Berkeley prof.

Program on Negotiation: Good advice about a mix of business topics that revolve around my favorite of them all. From Harvard Law School.

Ideas in food: Interesting eats in experimental arrangements. Makes you think, if not necessarily salivate.

Little Baby Bird: Take one little girl with a penchant for princess get-ups and a mom who's a great writer and photographer, put them together and cuteness ensues. Recently: Snow White in my kitchen.

Make Use Of: A very make-useful site. Lots of tips for increasing productivity, having fun and generally making life better. Coolius!

My Marrakesh: Totally stokes my Orientalist fantasies. Crushable fabrics, roaming expats, long soirees and everything else an aspiring wanderluster could desire.

Neatorama: Occasional procrastination destination.

Overlawyered: Lurid, i.e. satisfying.

Settle It Now: Great advice, ideas and provocations from a negotiation expert. This post offers 10 (dispute) resolutions for 2010. Many more worth mentioning.

Sociological Images: Intriguing and spot-on deconstructions of the images that shape our world, and the world that produced those images. A must visit.

synthesis: The writer's intro: "I was born in Tanzania, am Canadian and now live in the US Pacific Northwest. I have traveled and worked in many countries around the world. This has shaped my thinking profoundly." That was enough to stoke my curiosity, and I wasn't disappointed.

Tartelette: Yummy recipes, lovely images, and lavender. What more could a foodie with a raspberry fetish ask for?

The Shot: A coffee blog, like a true shot of espresso, should be short, dense, nutty and never overroasted. This page does it right.

Do you have any favorites? On food, careers, negotiation, visual culture, thoughts and ideas, or your own preferred topic? Share below. And if you have a blog or website, share that too!
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