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January 12, 2010

Extension, please?

I fell asleep last night wondering what I'd ask for.

Felt my brain tighten in anticipation. What would it be?

It's a feeling I haven't had in a long time. So glad to be asking daily again.

And then, before noon, relief.

I approached two people who are managing projects I've been working on. And I did something uncharacteristic. I asked for an extension.

As a contract worker, it's critical to get things in on time. It matters to the employer's bottom line. Equally important, my reputation depends on it -- not to mention future gigs. (If you recall, I do some part-time work, while I finish the diss. Woman cannot live on balconies alone.)

But I've known both supervisors long enough that we relate as people, not just as employer and employee. That means they know I'm normally very punctual and they're familiar with the kind of work I deliver.

In the first case, I explained very frankly that I can finish on time, but it would be a much better product if I waited two more days for reasons X, Y and Z. And in the second case, I explained that preparing for the job took longer than normal (due to another person on the team getting replaced last minute), so if I could have a few more days, it would make my life easier.

Both immediately agreed.

Having time to get the work done beyond competently and sleep enough? A blessing.

A hectic week made easier by asking? A gem.

Flexible, enlightened managers? Priceless.

Result: gained a few extra days. They'll be happier with the result, and I had a few minutes to write this post!
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