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January 14, 2010

How To Negotiate Your Cable Bill

Cable bills are set to rise. Some will pay up. Others will opt out. And a few people, like Josh Smith, of Wallet Pop, have asked for a discount.

Check out this blog post, in which Smith posts a priceless transcript of his online sales chat. He got his cable bill down from $177 a month for cable, phone and Internet to $127. That savings of $50 a month adds up to $1,200 for the two-year period -- all for a 10 minute phone chat.

Even if you're not into cable savings, his strategies are good for many negotiation situations.

Here are a few snippets. He starts by clearly and comfortably stating what he wants, demonstrates knowledge of their system, and threatens consequences if they don't meet his request.
Josh_: Hi Sharmin
Josh_: Thanks, I am trying to make my cable bill a bit more affordable today after it increased $65 this month
Josh_: I was just on chat with an analyst named Jeff who offered me Jeff: if you would like to be put in to a price lock guarantee package the price would be 117.80 the first year of service then just a 5.00 increase in the second year of service
Josh_: but suggested I call in to the sales number for a better deal since I had been considering dropping a service or switching to U-Verse.
When Sharmin suggests he talk to Retention, he says he already has -- and the price is still too high. Note his buddy buddy attitude and his gratitude. By the bottom of this excerpt, she's clearly on his side, trying to win his consumer loyalty and make his day.
Josh_: Unfortunately Retention's price is higher than chat and they suggested I try here again before shopping around
Sharmin: I can see what I can do for you
Sharmin: seriously
Josh_: Thanks Sharmin, I really appreciate the help
Josh_: The best retention offered was 127.75 per month
Sharmin: let me have your phone number, I am sorry they keep bouncing you around....i also do retention backup, so I can give you the best rate
Sharmin: thanks, one moment, let me take a look
Josh_: OK take your time
Sharmin: I see the two year rate for the $117.80 rate, but it looks like Jeff missed your dvr service code which is $9.95
Josh_: gotcha
Sharmin: now, I can lock in the rate for 2 solid years with no $5 step up
Sharmin: 127.75 per month would be your rate for 2 solid years
Josh_: Sounds like a plan!
Josh_: Thanks Sharmin
Sharmin: not a problem, I can also backdate it to the date your last bill printed
Josh_: Wow, you rock!
That's what I call win-win.

Read the whole transcript, plus practical info about cable rates, here.

Today's asking update coming soon. But wanted to share this in the meantime.

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