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January 22, 2010

Free vision exam?

I'm about to finish a part time gig. Before I do, I realize there might be one opportunity I shouldn't miss: a free eye exam sponsored by my employer.

I don't wear glasses or contacts, and the last time I got tested I think I was 22. My eyes are largely okay, meaning I've gotten used to the lack of definition in people's features and have learned to distinguish if objects are moving away or toward me based on their shadows. I'm totally fine.

Kidding, people.

But I do think it's time for a checkup.

So I asked two friends who work with me there if they get free eye exams. Apparently, they are entitled to a free one per year. I don't know if I qualify, since I'm part time and on my way out, but if they can squeeze one in before my last day of work, that will be on less thing to think about.

I guess I could have called a health care benefits department directly and asked, but that would have been too simple.

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