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January 11, 2010


This weekend, I told two people I met about The Daily Asker. One time at someone else's party, and other time at my own.

My pitch went something like this.

"I have this blog, called The Daily Asker, where I ask for things -- discounts, permission to do something odd or cool, an invitation, stuff like that. For example, [insert anecdote I think will interest that person]. I asked everyday for a year, but now I only do it when the moment is right, like a few times a week."

Hello? Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

How can I be The Daily Asker if I'm not asking daily?

When I wrapped up the year-long experiment, in July, I figured I could play with alternatives -- ask a few times per week, or take weekends off. Most of all, I wanted to take a break and reflect on the year's accomplishments, lessons and challenges.

Well, here I am, six months later, asking once or maybe twice per week. Taking ZERO risks.

Which shows how easy it is to grow complacent, even when you're committed to something.

Since I'm not about to rename this site The Occasional Asker, that simply means I need to get back on that wagon. Yee. Haw.

Asking daily -- EVERY DAY -- was what made this project sparkle. That pushed me to look for opportunities, obliterate my comfort zone, embark on new adventures and really, truly benefit in ways I had never imagined possible. On every front: personal, professional, psychological, material.

So starting today, I'll be asking daily again.

I may take a day off once in a while, which I didn't do last time around, but my goal will be to ask and write daily. I will be crazy busy finishing the dissertation and figuring out a post-graduation career direction, so I can't promise every posting will be exciting. But at least it will once again have the potential to be.

So check back regularly! And spread the word! The more people reading about asking, and the more people doing it, the happier we'll all be.
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