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January 20, 2010

Double darn

Short and sweet, because I have something better to report in the next round.

Asked twice. Was rejected twice. Here ya go:

First, I asked Sprint for a rebate or discount after my cell phone's internet has been down for a MONTH. After several attempts, I've just given up. (Actually, I feel liberated by not being able to check email or the news every few seconds. It's been a major lifestyle boost. I'm not kidding!! But I still wanted to fix it, because I'm paying for it. And because it does occasionally come in handy, as long as I am able to keep the internet urges in control.)

The agent told me that since internet is an extra feature, rather that part of my phone's core functionality, they can't offer any discounts.

I had a response ready.

I had several.

But I was exhausted. So I let it rest. For now.

Sprint: 1. Roxy: 0.


Later, I went to dinner at Taco Bell. Not a place I usually frequent given that there's a ton of real Mexican food within a mile of my house. But it was close to midnight, after a long day, when the last thing I wanted to do was cook.

Drive through to the rescue.

"Hi, I'd like your cheesy beefy melt burrito, but could you give me tomatoes instead of beans?"

"I can hold the beans, but the tomatoes are still going to cost extra."

"Really? Even if it's a substitution?"



The thing is, the voice did sound sorry. I get the feeling he's the kind of person who would have thrown in tomatoes for free, if it he ran own business. But he's working hard at Taco Bell, close to Midnight on a Tuesday, for close to nothing.

I smiled when I pulled up, but he didn't notice.
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