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April 29, 2009

Waive the rush fee?

April 29. Day 303.

Mr. A is off to another conference again soon, and I'm on shirt duty. A few months ago I started getting his shirts professionally laundered, since it's a small price to pay for saving his time at the ironing board. Plus, it makes me feel all girly and girlfriendy to take care of his shirts. Aww.

I found a new laundry place in our new neighborhood (since moving in January I'd been going to the old place, but it's a little inconvenient now), dropped everything off, and confirmed they'll be ready by Friday.

"The shirts, yes. The suit, and jacket, Saturday."

"Oh no! I need them by Friday! He's leaving Saturday."

"You can pay a rush fee. $1 per item."

"Really?" (Insert disappointed face here.) "Is there any way you can waive that?"

"No, that's our rush fee."

"But I mean... please? I could go to the place across the street, and it's full of dry cleaners in this neighborhood. And I'm bringing you two bags of clothes. Please? You gain a new customer and I save 15 minutes of lugging these around? Please? It's such a busy day for me, it would really make a difference."

"Well... lemme see. I need to check first."

She called her boss, no answer. Called a different number, no answer.

When she got off the phone, I waited patiently, since now the ball was in her court.

Would she or wouldn't she?

She picked up her pad and started writing something. My order!

"Come back Friday."

"Awesome!! Thank you!!!"

Gained: $3 or 15 minutes (if I had to shop around). It was only $3, but every cent counts.
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