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April 24, 2009

Want some cheese?

April 24. Day 298.

I had a party tonight!

Threw on some black heels and my new French rags, danced salsa, laughed a lot.

I've never viewed it this way before, but being a hostess involves tons of asking -- invite people to come, invite them to bring some wine if they're so inclined, invite them to dance, invite them to taste the runny cheeses you smuggled from France.

My favorite, by the way -- Tome à l'ancienne. It's only made in Provence, by farmers, in their kitchens. Totally unpasteurized. Totally exquisite. A gooey disk of bliss.

Gained: a Friday among friends.

(Pictured: a cheese shop in Paris, top, and shoes in the metro, bottom.)

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