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April 14, 2009

Bargain hunting in the capital of God-i-wish-i-were-rich

April 14. Day 288.

All afternoon my mom and I wandered in and out of stores around St. Germain, the ultra chic knot of streets where $5 tea is un vrai bargain, book stores sell letters written by Franz Liszt and George Sand, and trench coats abound.

We had coffee on rue Vavin, my mom found some CDs of old French music she loves.

Mercilessly, I photographed stylish french girls left and right, behind me, and before me, (when they weren't looking, which makes it even more creepy) for this blog entry. And then realized I left the upload wire home. Until I return, here are some street style from the past few days, courtesy of Easy Fashion.

When I thought the day couldn't get any better, I spotted a trench coat, thick cotton, with a gorgeous lining. And affordable! A trench coat that might let me bring to California a whisper of Paris...

I tried it on, and found it charmant.

I brought it to the counter and requested a discount.

"Could I have this for 35 euros?"

"Ah no!" replied the manager or perhaps owner, mockingly revolted. "This is already a fabulous price, half off!"

"Come on!" I teased back. "I'm a student on a budget. It's not every day that I make it to France and buy a trench!"

"I wish I were a student," he replied. "Read books all day, drink coffees."

"I wish I lived in Paris and ran a cute boutique! So, the discount?"

"No, sorry. I can't possibly go any lower. We'll be here all day if you want to think about it. Tomorrow, too."

"That won't be necessary. Thanks!"

Gained: Nothing. Rather, maintained self control.

(PS: So glad I didn't go for it. Would have been a total impluse buy, and as I write this a few days later, I can't even remember exactly what it looked like.)
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