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April 12, 2009

Update from Sunday Night

April 12 (continued...)

Hello from Paris!!

And now.... the update I promised.

Between packing and rushing to finish the chapter I've been working on (I didn't), I realized I hadn't seen or called my grandma in a week.

I picked up the phone Sunday night and called to say bye. And as we were talking, I got an idea:

"Want to come over for dinner?"

I thought she'd say no, because it's not always easy for her to move around the city in elevators and cars and cracked sidewalks and front door steps at her 87 years. More than that, I think, she's worried about tying up my schedule.

But she said yes.

Mr. A andI made fettuchini alfredo with mushrooms and chicken, comfort food, the kind grandma might have made if she were the one cooking. And she ate as I might have, twenty years ago at her house, happily, chattily, hunger stoked by the change of scenery.

Gained: an unexpected and very pleasant dinner.

I would write more... but I'm so jetlagged. And this internet cafe stinks. Literally. No air, no fans, no windows, no circulation. Neeeed -- oxygen... gasp!!!

More tomorrow! Preview: airport tomfoolery and bargain hunting in the ritziest neighborhood of them all.
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