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April 21, 2009

Quick updates... plowing forward...

April 21. Day 295.

Last day in Nice.

Thoughts swirling, about Europe and the states, grad school, job hunting, writing ideas, the maelstrom of deadlines that await back home.

I bought some summery blouses, listed for 22€ and purchased for 20€. By asking. The salesman was North African. Perhaps that's why, in a weeklong string of retail French requests, he was the only one to honor my negotiation attempt. Not to stereotype, but Arab merchants aren't known as master businessmen for nothing. He wanted to make the sale. And for a small reduction, he totally scored. We both did.

Gained 1: 6€ off of what would have been 66€. Finally.








I also went to a salon, where things are soooooo much cheaper than the US of A. Like manicures, facials, leg waxing and, ahem, "other" types waxing. Full legs for the price of five coffees. "Go the extra mile" for a measly 10 euros.

None of the pretension from American salons. None of this "luxury glam" status.

I asked the girl who was applying the warm wax to my calves, "So are you getting busier now that it's almost summer?" (Standard small talk at a salon -- since in the states, especially in the climactically oppressed eastern seaboard, I've noticed that waxing is in demand more when skirt season appears.)

"No! In France girls do it year round. I do, too. How else would I keep my husband satisfied?" she asked with a naughty smile.

Hey. If the total package cost $25 or $30 in the states, I think millions of women would sign up here, too.

Beauty, there, is just a fact of life. Like filling up your tank of gas or stopping to buy bread. Of course you take time and effort to look your best. Why would anyone consider that to be a "special indulgence," worth $100???

On top of the low prices, I parlayed a discount: cut me a break and I'll give you a nice tip. At first she disagreed -- she wanted to throw in one service totally for free, with no tip!! -- but I countered that I really had to tip her.

She acquiesced, and at the end we traded email addresses. If she ever comes to California, or if I visit Nice again, we'll have coffee!

Gained: silky smoothness for a quarter of the price. And an extra 10 euros off of that.
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