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April 23, 2009

Test results?

April 23. Day 297.

Remember how I had a scary freckle? Well, I got it removed -- and insurance covered everything. Even the copay. Bless them.

Thank you Blue Cross Blue Shield, for being a humane insurance company.

I called my doctor today to get the biopsy results...



Gained: Confirmation that I'm cancer free.

I called first thing this morning, just after the office opened. Now I have deadline upon deadline. I also have a long string of askable ideas... but those will have to wait till another day.


La Roxy

PPS: I should really just publish these posts the moment I write them. But I like to think, edit, come back and refine -- sometimes at the cost of timeliness. I think this practice is something I need to revise, as this project continues. For now, so be it. I just hope you totally haven't lost patience, oh reader...

ever thine,

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