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December 24, 2008

TLC for TDA?

December 24. Day 177.

Before I left for Texas yesterday, I was still coughing up a storm. My Eastern European mommy has been checking up on the cough via email, phone and in person for the past few days, and she brought a homemade remedy to the airport: a tincture of boiled onions, lemons and honey. I took a few gulps while waiting in various lines. Sounds disgusting, but tastes like a slightly oniony lemonade. The security agents told me to leave it behind.

In Texas, still coughing, I turned to my daddy for the next round of remedies.

"Tata, can you make me a chaudeau? And please get me some medicine on your way home?"

Chaudeau is another Eastern European remedy, involving warm milk, sugar and egg yolks. Coats the throat. Works like a charm to soothe that nasty tickle. Don't read too much into this, but both Mr. A and my dad both make wonderful versions of this drink.

Then my dad called his doctor to ask her what would be the best medicine to pick up for me. And on his way home from work, he brought back some Tylenol Cold.

Hours later, I'm coughing less, my voice is creeping back, and I don't know if it's the Tylenol, the home remedies, or my parents' loving care.

Yes yes, the inner workings of some random chick's cold isn't blog worthy material. You wouldn't want to be reading this even if you were my friend, let alone a stranger living in Maryland.

But there is a method to this madness.

I'm almost 30. I've been living on my own for 10 years and self-medicated dozens of colds. Yet I can still turn to my parents when I'm sick, tired, broke or scared. Feel like a little girl again, once in a while. Curl up in bed and let someone else bring me medicine. That's not to say that I'm pathetic, a greedy Gen Y brat or a loser. Simply, that they're amazing.

Va multumesc, din suflet, pentru toate.

Gained: TLC from mom and dad. But there's nothing new there.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! And to all a good night!
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