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December 25, 2008

Cut me a deal on a luau?

December 25. Day 178.

After the turkey and the stories and all the fixings, there was one thing left to do.

On days like this, when I feel like I lack for nothing or the things I most desire can't be bought (distant people, that is), and when stores are closed and asking opportunites seem few and far between, I always have... the internet.

I'm heading to Hawaii in two weeks, and I've been thinking of ways I could save or score. I got a great hotel room deal, but I'm still looking into a rental car and a luau. I found the email address of one of several luau coordinators and dispatched this request:


I'm going to be in Kauai for the first time ever, and like any newcomer to Hawaii, I'd be very excited to attend a luau. Based on recommendations online and from what my two aunts told me, I understand yours is the most wonderful and luscious

I see online that your price is $75 per adult, and I was wondering if there is any chance this price is a little flexible? Perhaps it sounds odd to be asking for a discount when I have the money for a vacation, but this is a rare splurge, as I'm a graduate student and on a tight budget. (If I didn't find a super special discount package, with a huge 24-hour discount off of hotel and air fare, I wouldn't have come!) I see you have a price for Kama'aina (locals, I believe?) -- is there any way you'd be willing to offer this to a literature grad student from Boston and her cousin (an interior design student)? Or, any other kind of coupon or discount that may not be advertised?

I would be happy to spread the word of your generosity, or keep the discount under wraps, whatever you prefer.

Thanks so much, and I really hope to attend your beautiful luau!!

Best wishes, Happy Holidays! Hau`oli Makahiki Hou!

La Roxy

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