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December 21, 2008

Need jumper cables? And ignore your store policy?

December 21. Day 174.

Three quick thoughts.

1. I am so happy I moved to California.

2. I hope and pray I am never twice-removed from fame or infamy, like this woman: "Bristol Palin's boyfriend's mom arrested in drug case." There's something so depressing about that double possessive.

3. What if Romeo and Juliet didn't die young? This article presents a new twist on lethal love: "Man Pleads Guilty to Throwing Wife Off Balcony"

Well, I asked twice today, and ended the evening 1-2.

First, I asked a man who couldn't start his car if he needs jumper cables. After being offered this service by dozens of strangers (I have a history of driving sketchy cars), I was happy to finally lend someone else a hand. He declined, saying it wasn't the battery.

Second, I requested a cashier to let me return a set picture frames, even though it was past the 30-day mark. I spoke the truth -- didn't realize I was late, never even unwrapped them -- and she let it slide.

Gained: $17.00
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