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December 18, 2008

Free mini pastry?

December 18. Day 171.

A few months ago, I went to the Living Room, asked to sample their cheesecake, and got rejected.

So what did I do last night, when I happened to end up at the Living Room? Ask to sample their cheesecake, again, and get rejected.

This time, it seemed like the perfect opportunity: they had an entire tray of miniature pastries sitting on a shelf next to all these massive cakes. These didn't look like they were individually prepared -- just, tiny pieces of a larger cheesecake. So, I ordered my food and then inquired, "Are those little pieces down there samples?"

"They're .$75."

Case closed.

Grrr. I totally should have phrased it differently, for example "Could we also have a couple of those samples? They're not samples?! Could I try one anyway?"

Or: "Could you also throw in a mini pastry? It's $.75? Really? That's so funny... I'd never pay more that a dime for that puny handful of calories. I mean, if I could try one maybe I'd come back for more, but otherwise forget it..."

But I was meek, and asked expecting a no.


Gained: Nothing, again. Exactly what I deserved.
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