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December 10, 2008

Meet me in my hood?

December 10. Day 163.

Final lease-related question, I promise.

We were supposed to take care of the lease a few days ago, but the property manager has been busy. We finally got in touch, and he invited me to his office.

In East El Cajon.

East El Cajon is an intriguing area. Lots of strip malls and mom-n-pop stores that have miraculously survived since the 70s and 80s. Loads of personality. Reminds me of Mississippi or South Texas, not San Diego.

It's also 15.6 miles away.

15.6 miles that seem much longer since there's almost always traffic. 25 km, which seems even further!

I drove out once, to drop off the application.

I drove out a second time, to drop off the security deposit.

But a third time? Not exactly charming...

I phrased my question diplomatically as possible.

"Is there any way we could do it somewhere else? Near your house, or if you have any errands to run? ANY PLACE but East El Cajon?"

He chuckled.

"Sometimes, I meet people for signing leases in Mission Valley [which is 2 miles from my house]. We could meet at the Starbucks next to Target. You can also bring me your security deposit, if it's easier."

Interesting. So apparently, he routinely meets people in Mission Valley -- but doesn't advertise it. And, I could have skipped the second drive... if only I'd asked! At least I avoided one trip.

Gained: An hour, and a gallon or two of gas.
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