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December 01, 2008

Stop locking my phone?

December 1. Day 154.

Standing in line at (you got it) a cafe, I reached for my cell phone to make a call and noticed the keypad was locked. This could only mean one thing.

Mr. A was glancing the menu on the wall in front of us, looking forward to an iced coffee, or maybe a smoothie. Blissful. Still.

"Hey, could you not lock my phone?" I asked.


"I'm asking."

"I'm refusing."

"Please. It's really annoying when I have to unlock it. I don't change your phone's settings."

"Locking it is not a setting."

"Yes it is."

"Not blocking your cell phone is not a mental priority for me."

"I won't lend you my phone anymore."

"Fine. Next time I forget my phone we'll turn around and get it. Even if we're an hour away."

"Not if I'm driving."


"I'm not OCD."


Gained: A racing heartbeat and flushed cheeks, but not for the reasons I wish.

PS: A few moments before this exchange, the customer before me asked the barista, "Is your medium here a large or a small?" Crazy, crazy times.
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