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December 07, 2011

Replying to Your Comments Here



I tried to reply to comments on the initial car post but they are disabled after 30 days to prevent spam. I tried to go in through Disqus, my comment management system, to reply there but it didn't work. So I'll reply here, instead.

I value your comments and always read them. Apologies if it sometimes takes me a bit to reply -- but I've been looking forward to writing back!

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  • Always a good idea to believe your gut. Going against yourself, you'd have beat yourself up for sure.. Well done.
  • You are right to remain firm on your budget for a new car.  Aside from the purchase amount, there are other costs that need to be considered in maintaining a new car. In the long run, your finances can be affected by any unplanned expenditure.
  • Oh well, some negotiators are like that. They want to grab their customers the easiest way possible, and sometimes their methods are a bit harsh. But that's how business is. You have to be knowledgeable so you won't be fooled.
  • Anggiet
    My son was rear-ended and had to purchase another used car within a very short time period (he was loosing the rental car). I swear, I had the easiest car buying experience ever. I found cars he could afford from looking at dealer websites. He test drove many cars and decided on one. I contacted the dealer via email and said very simply, he will get $1900 from the settlement of the wrecked car and can qualify for a(nother) $10,000 loan. That's all the money he has, no more, no less. The car he likes must be $11,900 out the door. The asking price was $14,000 something.  The next email I got was, "We got permission for the car to go at $11,900 out the door."  I went with my son to look at the car and the paperwork was signed that day, and true to their word, it was $11,900 out the door! Wish all negotiations were that easy!
  • Thanks for writing!  I wonder how many people do buy cars under pressure. It was pretty hard to walk away, and I'm used to negotiating. Yikes. Something about car dealerships, I guess...
  • Bluemizloo
    Good Girl!  You go...and you went.  A car is transportation.  Paying for bells and whistles is just plain foolish, esp if you don't want the bells or the whistles..
  • Rikkidb
    Congratulations on walking away! I probably would have thought "well, it's not THAT much and they did come down a bunch" and then had buyers remorse the next day. Good for you for sticking to your guns! Especially since they could apparently come down $250 more.
  • JessB

    Woot! You go girl! I loved your response - if it was no big deal, why didn't he drop the price?

    Can't wait to read the next post with reflections, etc.
  • Marsha_calhoun
    Congratulations for sticking to your guns.  You were right.  There is no point in paying extra for something you don't really want, and the salesman was just trying to bully you.  Maybe next time he'll think twice.

Juho, Ivo, Rikkidb and Marsha, you're right that buyer's remorse for a car has got to be one of the worst ones out there. No return policy, usually, and big chunk of change. Thanks for reading and for encouraging me to stick to my guns.
Tyra, Thanks for your comment. You sound like you've done a lot of negotiating. Any tips about car buying you want to share with readers in comments or as a Q&A for a future post?
Anggiet, that is amazing. Total success story! You were his negotiation guardian angel.We could all use one. I hope your son is doing well after his accident, and thanks for sharing this happy ending
Loo, you're right, it's just transportation, but oh how I love bells and whistles! Like a good radio and steering wheel radio controls and soft beige leather seats. But yes, it's important to say no when a dealer is trying to sell me a feature I sort of want, let alone one I don't want. Next time, saying no will be even easier!
Jess, Thanks! Sorry the next posts took a long time, but I hope they're worth your patience. :)
Next up, back to The Car Quest.
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