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May 09, 2011

Attention, Telemarketers! Want to call me during dinner? That'll be $50, please

I have a new post up -- over at Forbes! It's about an insolent car dealership and the best solution I had for dealing with their rudeness: a creative sort of asking.... check it out here!

When I last wrote here, many moons ago, I had so much work I needed to cut drastically back on everything else. I didn't decide to take a break. I just stopped, thinking I'd catch up again in a few days.

The work deadlines came and passed. Then taxes came. Small business taxes are a strange form of torture.

Then the taxes passed, and I was embarrassed. I stopped in the middle of the month of daily asking. On a downer post, no less.

Then the embarrassment passed, and I got busy with house hunting and more wedding planning. Put on offer on a house. Visited 15 others. No luck.

All the while, I was asking and negotiating.

"I should write about this! I'll definitely start blogging again this week," I told myself. Every week.

Finally, for some reason, something happened. I didn't decide to write again. I just did.

So nice to see you around here again. How've you been? I hope this Spring has treated you nicely. Any asking adventures of your own you'd like to share?