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February 16, 2011

Day 7 of 30: Can we say the daily (on average) asker?

I worked 13  hours yesterday, which was Day 7 of this month long askathon: late meeting, some extra work that landed on my lap unexpectedly and the usual workflow.

In the olden days, if meetings started after business hours, I'd take that time off earlier in the day. Long lunch. Come in at noon. That's what my bosses instructed me to do. Now my boss is this deadline driven beeeyatch called La Roxy, and she didn't give me any time off. "You'll sleep when you're dead!" she hissed.

...Not complaining. It was actually a very satisfying day. Just a preface to let you know that...

My ask Tuesday fell short.

I asked the priest, via email, what time the wedding ceremony should start, so I can send out invitations. We'll be meeting later to talk about details, but I wanted to get that info as soon as possible.

Not hall of fame material.

But, for whatever it's worth: On Sunday and Monday, I asked a total of six times and only reported two. And those other requests were ambitious, things I never would have thought to do before The Daily Asker. Two were on a professional front (rate negotiations) and two on a networking front (asked to connect with two interesting people in my field).

So I think it's ok to relax for one day.

But. Gentle Reader. Fear not. I decided to ask daily again because I'm feeling like I need to reach out again in ways I haven't been doing, recently. One day of relaxed asking does not mean lower standards, overall. So I hope you won't tune out if these requests lately haven't been THAT inspiring. We have 23 days left. I'm asking more than I'm reporting and being selective about which stories to share. And I'm just getting started.

Gained: Nothing yet; waiting for his answer.

Lost: 120 seconds composing the email.
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