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February 11, 2011

Day 3 of 30: Cast your vote

Last time around, I lived my life and asked as things came up.

This time around, I'm going to get interactive. And that means I need your input, gentle reader!!

So here's my question: It's 5:15 p.m. in California and I haven't asked anything yet. I'm wondering  what to go for:

A) discount on dinner and/or a movie? I'm ordering takeout and watching a movie with my mom.

B) remove yet another fee? I was late to pay a credit card this month (lame, I know), so now on top of the $89 balance, I have an $8 fee. I could tackle this today... or another day... or next month...

C) something fun/random/crazy? I'm not sure what, but we'll never know unless we I try.

Leave a comment below and let's see how the day evolves!

And there will be more opportunities for interaction through this month of asking.

I'd be thrilled if you left a comment whenever you have a question about how/why I did or said something, a similar experience, a reaction, or an idea for doing things differently. For updates on the askings as they unfold, follow me on twitter (@dailyasker) and search for the #AskDaily hashtag. I may seek your advice, "live tweet" my requests and invite you steer me toward new challenges.

And most exciting, this month I'm going to create a few situations where I'll invite you to ask along with me. Once in a while, I'll come up with a scenario where everyone can do their own version of this adventure. Perhaps we'll all ask for a retail discount on a given Wednesday, or ask someone to accept $5, or ask for a recurring bill to be cut in the final week. Details TBD.

So I hope you'll use my month of daily asking as an excuse to try asking on your own! And if you know anyone who'd be interested in this project -- a workmate, a friend or family member -- maybe someone who is a little reserved when it comes to asking or who would benefit from seeking a raise or more recognition at work or home, please consider sending along this link.


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