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June 15, 2009

Women in the workplace?

June 15. Day 350.

La Divina and her boyfriend teased me that I don't have to do a lot of asking around them. It's true. I don't even open my mouth and things are already awesome. I can't think of a thing to ask for, in the current state.

Instead, I asked them about, rather than for, something: women in the workplace, In italy. As in... any progress since 1600?

The verdict was that it's still not an easy place to be a professional gal.

It's still ruled by an old boys club, literally, because to be anyone or anything you need connections. And those are usually passed down from daddy to son.

Gained: confirmation of what I feared, I guess.

Any Italians care to agree or disagree? Men or women? Bosses or employees?

Moving on!!! Next blog posts coming right up!!!
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