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June 18, 2009

Ice the mice!

June 18. Day 353.

A few months ago, I discovered mice in our garage and attic.

A company hired by the property manager came over the inspect and putz around the back yard. One of the company's representatives gave me his personal card, saying to call him in case of problems, because he wanted to make sure the job was done right.


Over a month since he first inspected the garage, there's been no improvement and I am officially fed up.

My first impulse was to call his boss and complain. Demand better service. But because he's a subcontractor, I figured I'd have more pull with him -- at first, at least. So I opted for a different approach. I called the guy directly, and acted surprised. How is it that after a few weeks of his service, there's no improvement? I was just shocked, completely baffled, that there were still mice in the garage when that's what he promised to eradicate. He said he'd take care of things.

What? He was confused. He didn't realize they were in the garage.

He promised, again, he'll take care of it.

I don't believe him, but I'll give him one more try before the next step: complaining left and right. Then hiring a replacement, even if it's out of my own pocket.

What a welcome back to the USA.

Gained: Spoke my mind, held someone accountable. That's about it, since I don't have much faith in this company.
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