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June 23, 2009

Improve my credit score?

June 23. Day 358.

Today I emailed a reporter in response to a query I read online. Danielle Gorman, who writes for Money Magazine, was interested in finding people in their 20's and 30's with questions about their credit scores, and that would be me.

I recently signed up with Credit Karma, which gives you your score for free, no strings attached, no limits (unlike Uncle Sam's free once-annual credit score). According to their site, since I have a short credit history (less than 10 years) and I don't have many types of credit -- just debit/credit cards and student loans -- that has put a damper on my standing. Yikes.

Here's my email to her:
Hi Danielle,
Thanks for this opportunity! I would really love to ask an expert the following.
My score is 696, according to the super awesome I pay on time, stay below balances, etc. I have student loans, and a credit card which I pay off every month. What are some concrete steps I can take to improve my score so I get the lowest possible interest rate when I decide to buy a house? (ballpark target: 2 years away). I'm in the market for a car, so maybe I could build credit there?
Name: Roxy
Age: 20-something
City: San Diego
Photo: [is this necessary? I would prefer to stay anonymous for several reasons. If it's a requirement, I can give you something that obscures my face.]
Best wishes, thanks again,
She replied saying she needs my real name and picture.
Thanks so much for sharing. Unfortunately, the people we feature in the magazine cannot remain anonymous (readers love to see and learn from other “real” people), so we would be unable to use your question...
Darn anonymity. Maybe it's time to shed this veil!? No, no, no. Not until the moment is right.

Gained: Nothing!!
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