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June 28, 2009


June 28. Day 363.

I can't believe it's almost over!! I wrote Day 363 as if it were day 63. Unreal.

In a recent comment, IGC asked if I have any plans this week.

Nothing you can see immediately, but stuff is happening behind the scenes.

Starting July 1, I'm going to publish an analysis of all the data I've collected. I've been correlating and analyzing all weekend. Because this is indeed an experiment, a study, my goal was to understand more about how gender and other factors influence success rates in asking and negotiation.

Was I more successful in asking men or women?
Were people in New York or Milan more likely to indulge my request?
Was I more nervous when I asked alone or in a group, and when was I more successful?
And did I obtain more when inquiring on my behalf, or when asking for someone else?

That is a sample of the info you'll get.

I'm also finalizing a new website, which should be up in a week or so. It will be. Much. More. Informative. Interactive. Intriguing.

Meanwhile, you can help me in one way.


The year is almost over. And the more people that read this last week, the better!

Email my link to classmates, peers, reporters, researchers. Anyone interested in the results of a 365 day study about asking, gender, negotiation, persuasion.

Tweet and retweet the hell out of this post.

Send it to Facebook and beyond.

Post it to any blog or webpage about a possibly related subject.

Send me your comments or emails with what you've asked for over the course of this project, what questions it has left you with, or what you'd like to see in Year Two. I'll post everything!

And thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated, read, wrote in, advised, asked, answered, or shared!!!!!!!

PS: Today, I asked Mr. A a question. A private, gossipy, nonbloggable question. Something about someone I was itching to find out.

Gained I: a cryptic answer... but cryptic good, not cryptic bad. =)

I also asked a cashier to give a friend a discount on a damaged shirt that costs $100, and he said no. Tsk tsk tsk, Nordsrom Rack.

Gained II: Nothing.
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