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June 27, 2009

The end is near!!!

June 27. Day 362.

Today Mr. A celebrated his birthday with a picnic in the park, surrounded by friends and fam.

I was in charge of decorating and catering, so I called our favorite Thai place to see if they could handle an order for 15 people this afternoon.

The man on the phone said yes.

I hung up and said I'd call him back once I read the menu online.

When I called back, I realized I'd forgotten to ask!

"Since we're doing a big order, how about you give me 10 percent off."


The order came to around $80 something, including tax.

Gained: Around $9. In retrospect, he agreed to my request too fast. Maybe I should have let him make an offer, or aimed bigger. Oh well. Still $9.

And, an update from yesterday: I called the mother back after not hearing from her, and asked if she had time to think about my request.

She replied she wouldn't hire me at the higher rate.

I asked and lost.

And yet... I am glad I asked.

I am in not in rush to find a job, and I am confident there are better options if I look harder. That was the first attempt.

Now, if this recession keeps up, or I don't find something by graduation, I will change my tune. But right now, I feel I made the right choice.

Ultimately, I feel that not asking would have been more costly than losing the job.

That's a mantra I need to take with me, for the next time around.
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