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August 06, 2008

What's your salary?

August 8. Day 39.

I've come across a part-time job possibility, to round out my grad school fellowship and/or cover an occasional tank of gas.

As a true acolyte of Women Don't Ask, I knew what I had to do before accepting any offer or even considering taking the job: I had to determine my salary.

Step 1) Get informed to figure out what the market pays and what you're worth in it
Step 2) Let them make an offer or provide a range
Step 3) Negotiate!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I took the first step and asked someone in a related profession what he/she earns, as well as a few other little details. It was over phone and email. If I asked in a nice way, perhaps I'll get an answer. After all, maybe this person also asked the same thing of someone else.

Gained: No answer so far, but in a few days I hope to know what the going rate is in this town.
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