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August 14, 2008

Can you give me yesterday's sale price?

August 14. Day 45.

We went to the Salvation Army this afternoon because Mr. A wanted to buy clothes and toys for people in Chiapas, where his brother will volunteer as a dentist for a week. We loaded baby clothes, tons of shoes, dresses and skirts, and men's clothes -- including sweatshirts, which I'm told are in high demand and very expensive there -- onto the counter.

When our turn came, Mr. A pointed to a calendar with various daily promotions. Yesterday, and every Wednesday, clothes are 50% off. "You could ask," he hinted.

"Hi," I told the cashier. "Can I ask you a question? We bought all these clothes to donate in Mexico, so since it's for a good cause, could you give us yesterday's price?"

The woman smiled guiltily. "I'm not supposed to do that, but.... Okay! Just don't tell anyone. They don't like it when I do that."

"Thanks, you are awesome," I said.

She rang everything up and told Mr. A the total as he took out his credit card: "Fifty one." For three oversized bags stuffed with clothes? Sweet.

On the way out, Mr. A inspected the receipt. It turns out she rang everything up for fifteen. As in one five. Twenty-one minus six. A third of half of ninety. $15.

There's no way all those clothes and shoes would have cost $30 before the discount. Just two of the items I picked out, a dress and a skirt, were $15 at full price.

Was it a mistake? Did she invert the digits? Or was that her sneaky way of loosening our budget to enable some more donations? Because with money to spare, we headed to Amvets and loaded up on some toys and more clothes.

Gained: An estaimated $85!? Is that possible?!
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