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August 16, 2008

Move in with me?

August 15. Day 46.

Tired of running between my mother's house and Mr. A's to get clothes, and dreaming about having at least a wall where I can put up some art, I decided to try my luck Craigslist. Depending on who answers, and what kind of apartment I come across, this might be just the solution I was looking for. Kind of unconventional, but why not?

Me: twenty something female professional, responsible and considerate, living part time with a boyfriend but looking for a space to call my own.

Likes: Spanish style or vintage apartments, art on the walls, hardwood floors, lots of natural light, safe neighborhood, walking not driving to cool brunch places.

Dislikes: inconsiderate or messy roommates, paying tons every month for a closet sized room.

You: Male or female, similar interests and situation.

Solution: We rent a studio or 1br for $750 to 1300 and split the rent. We each live there for a week at a time, or split the week and weekends. We share furnishing and decorating, use our own sheets and towels, and tidy up before we leave. I'm open to Bankers Hill, Mission Hills, Hillcrest, Mission/Fashion Valley, North Park, Downtown, Little Italy, maybe La Jolla Colony, etc.

Result: cheap rent and nice place to live -- much better than sharing a messy house with four roommates when we're only there half time, anyway.

What do you think?

If you're interested in something along these lines, drop me an email or call 555-555-5555.
Gained: Perhaps, half a home.
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