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August 12, 2008

Breaking News: Asker, Norway!

August 12. Day 43.

My latest dream: see Asker, Norway, before I die.

I discovered this city, formerly home to the Norwegian royal family and now a charming Oslo suburb, when I googled "daily asker" for the first time and came across this site. Key excerpt:
In the 1860s, a new era began: Technical developments, particularly the steam ship, paved paved the way for new opportunities. Fishing and Horticulture compered with agriculture as the most important activity because products could now be quickly transported by steam ship to the market. Asker was noted for its RASPBERRIES, and the area became affectionately known as the "raspberry coast".
Ye gads!! This is meant to be. I have to make it to Asker.

If anyone from Asker is reading this, I would be thrilled if you dropped me a line and told me more about yourself and your city. I'm at thedailyasker [at] gmail [dot] com. I would also be happy to invite you to visit me in San Diego, California. Perhaps one day, I will have to pleasure of seeing your city as well.


La Roxy
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