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June 22, 2010

Please give me the secret family recipe?

Armed with a new gas grill, I was ready to host a BBQ for friends and family to celebrate the graduation. I'm usually pretty chill about these things -- haven't had a birthday "PARTY" in years and I normally opt for the simple and low key -- but this was the perfect excuse to assemble everyone I've cared about and feed them.

But in order to have a kicking party, I needed to make mici. Mici, pronounced "meech," are these tiny scrumptious meaty things made in my family. I've attached a picture, and disregarding any visual associations that may be a turnoff, I invite you to simply imagine the most delicious grilled ground beef morsel you've ever had, double the
deliciousness. Behold mici. Or if you are vegetarian, take the most scrumptious grilled veggies you've ever had, double the deliciousness, replace the veggies with meat. Behold mici.

I've never attempted cooking them before, since rumor has it they involve two or three kinds of meat, about 20 spices, and some animal products I don't want to think about.

So I called my aunt, G-whiz, and asked her for the recipe.

Not only did she agree to give me the recipe. She said we'll go ingredient shopping together and
she'll help me prepare them and she'll throw in the meech-making-machine her dad, my great uncle, invented!


So: barbecue menu set, invitations were next. Party date: June 5.
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