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June 22, 2010

Discount on a gas bbq grill? (Part Three)

And now, the conclusion of the grill miniseries.

From Ace Hardware, we were about to drive to Home Depot when Mr. A remembered there is a Lowe's not too far.

We made the short detour, walked to their outdoor department and noticed a similar Weber for the same price. I asked if they could do any kind of discount or had any promotions going on, and the sales man said no. Unlike the Home Depot model, the Lowe's grill was made of slightly inferior material. So that was that. It was Home Depot, round two, or bust.

From the parking lot we spotted them: rows and rows of metallic barbecues on display in front of the store, glimmering in the sunlight like a pack of alluring sardines. Hard, hot sardines that don't swim. But definitely glimmering, and very alluring. Yeah.

We found the model we wanted and I accosted a salesman.



"I have a question about this grill. We were just at your other Home Depot, and we were about to buy this grill when they told us that they ran out of butane. So we ran over here as fast as we could to get this exact model, since it's exactly what I've been looking for."

[Note: I forgot to mention that at the first Home Depot, before the manager arrived, the cashier informed us they ran out of butane. One more reason to pass on that one. Also this is an important reminder to you, gentle reader, that everything I state here is a product of my memory and far from perfect. I don't voice-record these interactions since under California law I'd have to get consent from the other party. And that would kind of blow my cover.

I try my best to report things accurately, but especially with these less recent askings, I may miss something occasionally. Once I catch up and write about things the day they happen, this should be less of a problem. Onward:]

"Ok, great. So do you want me to ring this up for you?"

"Well, here's the question. We were going to buy the floor model and open a credit card, so they gave us a discount of 10 percent for the floor model, and another discount for the credit card. Do you think you can do the same thing, here? Basically, can you give us a better price?"

"These are already assembled, so I can't give you the floor model discount. You can open a card if you want..."

"Really?" [pained expression...] "Argh. They had given us such a great deal, since we were buying a ton of stuff--the grill, the cover, some tools -- Is there nothing you can do? You do have butane, right?"

"Yeah, it's inside. Ok, here's what I'm going to do. Let me talk to my manager."

"Awesome! Thanks for asking!!"

He came back 10 minutes later with this answer: Since we went to Home Depot to conclude our purchase, instead of to a different retailer, the manager was giving us a coupon for $50 off. "That's better than 20 percent, because he wanted to tell you thanks for your loyalty."

Just. Like. That.

So! Next time someone tells you "I can't give you a discount," remember that might just mean, "I don't want to." It's up to you to determine this. Is it a mom n' pop? Are they barely making ends meet? Or are they a powerful national chain where 10% off is a drop in the bucket?




Ask again.

Ask until you get what you want... need... deserve.

And then pig out!!!!!!!
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