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June 27, 2010

Meet me to work on your project?

The next morning, I had to get to work. It was a Sunday, and not the way I expected to spend the morning after a crazy party and a exhilarating weekend. But a few days earlier I had taken a quick turnaround project for a new client, and she needed the finished product by late Monday morning.

I did the necessary research, made some preliminary sketches, bounced some ideas off Mr. A, and eventually I realized that the only way to get the results I needed was to talk to the client again -- ask her 3 questions to clarify her goals. And because of the nature of the project, that was best done in person.

I sent an email to this effect: "Sorry to bother you on a Sunday, but can we meet? I'm about 75% there, but if I could ask you a few questions and show you what I've come up with so far, I think you'd be a lot happier with the result."

Would she think I was unprofessional for emailing her for more info instead of getting the work done, pronto? Or would she be pleased that I was involving her instead of stumbling in the dark on my own?

She called within 3 minutes to say she'd be thrilled to answer my questions at a cafe between her house and mine.

We met, talked, and she left satisfied. I know this because two days later, she emailed me saying there's more work coming this way. Yay.
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