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June 24, 2010

Dear neighbor, can I borrow a dash of baking soda?

About a year ago, someone lovely moved in next door. We've been morning coffee/afternoon walk/evening wine buddies ever since. She's my age, a talented baker (Actually, she's currently taking a cake decorating class -- Mr. A and I offered to help her unload any surplus. Just doing our part...) and happy pup owner. She also works in education, helping little kids with speech problems.

One of the many advantages to having a cool neighbor who bakes and has a summer vacation is that you can ask her for baking soda on a Friday afternoon and get it.

That is precisely what I did. Around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, I popped in to say hi and ask for a critical ingredient for the Mici production.



"I'm making something that needs baking soda, and I can't find any in my kitchen. Do you have any lying around?"

"Why yes I do. Let me get it."

"Thanks, neighbor!"

With one day to go, party prep was on track. Until...
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