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September 15, 2009

Three more cool links about gender and/or negotiation

I said I would post two stories from readers but I'm still waiting to hear back from one -- to make sure she doesn't mind I feature what she wrote to me.

Something else in the meantime: Last week, I asked if you enjoy it when I post links I find interesting. And you answered, "Sure!" In that spirit, here are three more.

1) The Art of Negotiating, from a recent story in Entrepreneur magazine, offers some down to earth tips for getting the best out of any deal. A good primer.

2) Juice Analytics is a company with a blog that showcases the best of the web's visual data. For anyone interested in data representation, or even just understanding about the topics being showcased, it's a useful resource.

Here's one example they focused on. It's from a site that displays statements written by people around the world about their feelings. Viewers can filter the statements by the speaker's gender, age, location, date, and current weather. Click on the picture to try it.

Here's the accompanying discussion from Juice Analytics.

3) And the last one, my fav: Contexts, a quarterly sociology magazine, has a blog with sociological images. It's run by two profs, and I love their tag line: "Seeing is believing." I take that to mean, "you have to see these pictures to believe that people can actually be so sexist/racist/ageist etc."

Here's one example:

The rest of the post, "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful," is here.

And, on a different note, Kleenex for manly nostrils: when girly tissues from girly boxes just won't cut it.

More on man kleenex here.
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