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September 18, 2009


A few days ago, Amodini, purveyor of film and other reviews, left this comment in reaction to the jury brownie baking dilemma:
"That means I'm no more "free" or "empowered" by not baking than I would have been "oppressed" by baking."

Oppressed by baking - LOL - but I known what you mean ! Have been reading your blog for a long time now - first time commenting. In my experience have found that men don't think at all over stuff that women agonize over.
In response, I just wanna say that I've been noticing more readers are writing, raising points, and asking back in comments. Some have been following for a while and are now starting to write, and some are totally new visitors -- and I'm thrilled! I'd never ask for tips, just your $.02!


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