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September 10, 2009

Give me a break, Sprint?

Once in a while I go over my cell phone minutes and pony up the cash. I know that's part of the deal and I've never protested. Until now.

Sprint charged $20 for talking 105 minutes more than my allotment.

But this time, I asked for a break because... it was my birthday!

It happened to fall on a Monday, and 245 of the minutes I talked that day were between 7 and 7.

So I figured, why not try.

"Hello? Hi. I have sort of a silly question... I went over my minutes last month and looking at my bill, I realize that most of that is because it I was talking to people on my birthday. So, I don't know if you have a magic birthday wand you can waive, but if there's any way you could reduce that charge, or erase it, that would be so wonderful."

"I'll have to check with my manager," the agent replied.

"Of course! Thanks for even listening to my request."

He chuckled, I tittered, he put me on hold, and I held my breath.

He came back with a compromise:

"My supervisor said I can go ahead and take off half of that charge."

"Really!? Thank you!! You just made my birthday even sweeter."

Results: Reduced an overage charge from $20 to $10. Thank you, Sprint!!

(I found this pic on, a page about txt and sms messaging I just stumbled across. Kind of scary how on-target this cake is, come to think of it...)
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