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October 29, 2008

Write me a rec letter?

October 28. Day 120.

I can't believe I forgot to include on yesterday's post that I have an official hangout in Seattle! Bauhaus. Books up and down the walls, nooks and crannies full of alterna-nerds, excellent caramel lattes and nice music. I owe it to one of the people I met at that dinner, who told me to check it out, so thank you! Discovering Bauhaus was totally worth $13 =)

Today, I asked for a recommendation letter. I absolutely hate doing this, since I generally hate promoting my own work. And, I can't imagine why anybody would ever want to take half an hour from his or her busy day to write, "Roxy rocked." How cringe worthy! With this blog, it's been an interesting opportunity to mention, here and there, "I have a blog," but I feel strange doing it.

Contrast that to: dude in a cafe who saw me looking at a Seattle event website. He came up to my table and announced, "That's a great site, isn't it? I designed it!" Really.

New recommendation system I propose: I will have a folder with a page for every job, and whenever I do something noteworthy I'll get a sticker. Then, I'll show that folder to prospective employers. No more imposing on former bosses.

Anyway, the answer came shortly thereafter: "I'd be happy to, but why didn't you ask your main boss?" Ak! Because it seemed the work I did for this supervisor was more along the lines of the job I'm aiming for.

He replied, encouraging me to ask the main boss anyway, since he knows my work better (and his word carries more weight).

Gained: career advice? a rejection? not sure if his answer was a good one or a bad one.
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