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October 04, 2008

Would you mind getting up and doing your job?

October 3. Day 95.

Here's an example of asking for something stupid, just because you've signed up to ask for something every day for a year.

I'm still vaguely searching for an apartment, although it's not pressing or a necessity. But, if I could find a room of my own, for a good price, I wouldn't say no.

The deal with this place, a 1 bedroom with hardwood floors, was that I was supposed to go to the management company, pick up the keys and give myself a tour. On the drive over, I realized I'd pass right in front of the apartment on the way to the management office; suddenly didn't really want to make a huge detour. So I called and asked:

"I'm by the apartment now. Could you actually meet me here, rather than me driving all the way over there to get the keys and then dropping them off again?"

"We have so many properties, we just don't show any of them. We give keys out to all our rentals. And we're really busy today."

"So, am I to assume that you are usually this hands off?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, if I were your tenant, would I have to come to your office to talk to you about a problem, ask to get the toilet fixed, would I have to change my own lock, whatever? Are you a-do-it yourself kind of management company? Because that's what I gather."

"Oh, no! We take really good care of our properties. If you have any problems, of course we'd fix them."

Despite the traffic, and my waning enthusiasm for this place, I did it. I drove all the way to the intersection of College and University (which I never knew intersected!) through a series of neighborhoods in San Diego I never knew existed. I met this apartment manager, who was too busy eating a taco and chatting with her coworker to show the apartment herself. I picked up the keys, drove back, stepped in side and quickly turned around. The place, naturally, was a dump. And so ends this round of apartment hunting. Defeated again.

Gained: the loss of an hour.
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